In today’s world, where threats to a safe environment and peace of mind can come from anywhere, most people take their safety and the safety of those around them for granted.  No one presumes to be a target. Others, due to the nature of their employment or various external factors, are well aware that their personal safety is at risk. This is where the 5D Shield executive and personal protection specialists step in. No matter how small or large the threat, we are ready to safeguard those in need with a level of protection designed specifically as an appropriate response.

5D Shield has many years of experience in providing comprehensive personal protection services to individuals, celebrities, company executives, and foreign Heads of State. Only professionally trained operatives of the highest caliber are employed for this demanding and discreet work.  Most have police or military backgrounds and are skilled in both individual and team tactics.

The 5D Shield organization and its team of protection professionals have provided all types of specialized protection from securing municipal courts and other high threat buildings to the personal protection of public and private officials. Whether it is government officials, royal families, foreign dignitaries, corporate executives or famous celebrities; 5D Shield personnel work  effectively and efficiently in supplying the finest in total security. Our teams have worked closely with governments both here in the United States and overseas, including diplomatic protection groups, Secret Service, FBI, Special Forces, and Scotland Yard.

Residential Security and Executive Protection by 5D Shield professionals begins far in advance of any threat.  To provide for an effective deterrent, we begin by reviewing client requirements and expectations and conducting a complete threat assessment.  This results in the development of an appropriate threat mitigation plan, providing a safe and secure environment for any individual or group.

5D Shield Executive Protection Services are available to a full range of clients no matter what their unique needs or special circumstances require, including the following:

  • VIP’s

  • Diplomats

  • Celebrities

  • Executives

  • Religious Leaders

  • Any person requiring protective security services at any time

5D Shield protection specialist teams are ready and available to provide protection services inculding:

  • Overseas Personal Security Detachment

  • VIP Protection

  • Asset Protection

  • Investigations & Surveillance

  • Threat Assessments

  • Crisis Response

  • Emergency Response Planning

  • Consultations and Training



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