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The 5D Shield is pleased to provide this information brief outlining our Close Protection safety and security service offerings.  In the development of any safety program, the fundamental principle is that all actions provided are designed to achieve deterrence and detection as well as reducing the overall opportunity for transgression.  The methods must be practical and non-intrusive while positively representing the client’s customer service level, operational culture and brand standards.  The results must be tangible, tracked and measured to monitor progress, maintain accountability and ensure success.  At 5D we understand how to integrate safety and security into that high-expectation, dynamic environment.  Our ultimate goal is to create a safer, more pleasurable experience for guests and staff alike by promoting a culture of safety and risks awareness.

Innovative Professional Security through Excellence & Integrity

As one of Colorado’s largest private security firms since 1999, 5D Shield's business experience begins with our 300 plus employees.  From our full-time professional staff of specialists to our in-depth hiring process designed to attract only the finest in the region, 5D provides the needed skills and knowledge in such areas as personal protection, risk management, property and facility safeguards, community safety, patient watch / escorts and event management.

5D Shield’s experience is reflected in the services we provide to the various communities within the region as well as to the individual businesses, corporations, organizations and individuals we serve.  Whether it is administering the protection requirements for the oil and gas industry, securing various mining sites tucked into the Rockies, leading safety and security programs for hotels and hospitals, providing armed guard services across a myriad for requirements or supplying guards for hundreds of resort and private events; 5D Shield is there and has been for years.  Our applied understanding of the critical issues surrounding the protection of executives and other high profile individuals, hospitals, churches, schools, hotels, construction sites and corporate facilities has given 5D’s team the ability to provide premium protection tailored to individual client requirements and revisions.  The guards, supervisors, trainers, and consultants of 5D Shield Security & Safety Services are empowered to deliver a safe and secure environment for any security challenge from personal safety to location protection.

5D Shield is regionally operated so customers are able to get immediate support, service and response to their requirements and the inevitable changes that occur along the way.  Our clients have immediate access to principal decision-makers at all levels of service – twenty-four seven. This is the critical element of our services that we believe sets us apart from the competition.

A properly staffed and scheduled operational team is the foundation to 5D Shield’s successful safety and security programs.  We are currently staffed and prepared to provide professional ALPHA trained guards to meet your requirements for a comprehensive Close Protection program.


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